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Backup Heroes Animation
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We teamed up with an IT support firm for a corporate animation all about its superhero-powered backup software!

Based a stone’s throw away (sorry!) from us here at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park is MSV Consultancy - a team of specialists who offer a range of IT solutions for SMEs across the country.

One of these solutions is “security backup and disaster recovery” - a critically important aspect of any organisation’s online defenses.

To help organisations stay protected from the potentially devastating consequences of being cyberattacked, the team at MSV are proud to offer the services of the Backup Heroes - a band of warriors specialising in all areas of business backup solutions.

Backup Heroes Animation

We were approached by the team at MSV for the creation of an animation all about the Heroes and how they can help!

For this project we created a 90 second animation for the company and the 30 second “teaser” version you can watch above.

Cyberattacks on businesses can of course be very serious, so in our animation we were determined to portray a situation which was dramatic and frightening yet also realistic - in this case, a company having its important data stolen and forced to pay a large sum of money for its return.

Using two separate professional voice-overs and an appropriate music track, our animation shows how a serious situation like this could have been warded off in advance with a secure, off-site backup solution - such as the one offered by the Backup Heroes.

Our thanks to the team at MSV Consultancy for working with us on this project!

Do you think your organisation needs a corporate animation to promote one of its services to a national audience?

If so, you can see that we can help!

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