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Our Brief

We teamed up with our local higher education provider for a series of animations designed to put nervous minds to rest!

Every year universities across the UK open their doors to a new cohort of students experiencing university life for the very first time.

One such institution is the University of Wolverhampton - a leading modern university with a tradition of providing opportunities to young people dating back over 190 years.

One often overlooked aspect of a young person’s journey into the world of higher education is the impact it can have on their loved ones – particularly their parents.

With this very much in mind, we joined forces with the University for some animations to help tackle any nervousness parents may have regarding their child’s foray into university life!

Our Video

For this brief, our animation team created five efforts – a pair of which you can see above/below – based on conversations between University graduates and their loved ones about their time at the institution.

In these conversations, the duos reflected on the concerns the parents had as the students started at the University – such as the students moving away from home, having to deal with financial matters, and even going through the initial UCAS application process.

In the video above we hear from Zoe and her mum Tracey, and in the video below we hear from our very own Mike and his dad Vic.


Once we had recorded their chats, we then created the animations to bring their thoughts to life in a visually appealing manner.

For more on the University of Wolverhampton, visit its website here.

Like our animations for this project, and think your organisation could do with some of its own to assure people who may have questions or concerns in mind?

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