Worcestershire County Council Infographic Animation

Infographic Animation
Worcestershire County Council
Our Brief

Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Apprenticeships were looking for a suite of videos to be used before, during and after the Worcestershire Apprentice Awards 2022.

Worcestershire Apprenticeships support young people interested in Traineeships or Apprenticeships and any employers who may be considering an apprentice for their business. They help by providing impartial information, advice, guidance and support.

The Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards 2022 required a number of videos to be used as part of the evening’s events.

This particular video, an infographic animation, needed to highlight key statistics around apprenticeships in the county of Worcestershire and show how employers are still focussed on apprentices, as well as the work employers have been doing with schools and colleges.

Infographic Animation

Having worked with Worcestershire County Council on previous Apprenticeship Awards, this was to be the first fully in-person event since a little known pandemic meant that everyone had to adapt!

As such, they wanted to make it as immersive an event as possible, with numerous ways to engage the crowd and recognise the work that has been done over the last year.

There were a number of statistics and facts that needed to be highlighted, which meant an infographic animation was the best way to go, because infographic animations allow you to draw attention to certain statistics and highlight what the voiceover is speaking about.

The problem that Worcestershire Apprenticeships was facing was that they didn’t have an engaging way to highlight the work done by employers across Worcestershire that could then be shown to the crowd at the event.

Infographic animations use a combination of imagery, text, voiceovers and colour to help viewers absorb the information on display.

The impact of not having an infographic animation at an event like this one can be that the audience isn’t engaged and therefore won’t be able to absorb the information on display as effectively.

After approaching us with the idea of an infographic animation and providing the script, we went back with an initial storyboard that would outline key parts of the video and how to display the information.

The portfolio of videos we created would be displayed on screens at the event, so being visually engaging was an absolute key element.

Jamie, who led the project, said

“Working on infographic animation projects means that we have to find the right bits of info to focus on and illuminate in the project. It’s always an enjoyable challenge to make engaging content that will be shown to a lot of people at once.”

Do you want an infographic animation for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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