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Tame Valley Wetlands Documentary
Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership
Our Brief

We joined forces with a lottery funded partnership scheme for a professional video production regarding its work and its achievements since its formation!

In April 2014 the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) awarded £1.7m to the non-profit organisation Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership for the creation of a four-year scheme entitled the Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership Scheme (TVWLPS).

Located between Birmingham and Tamworth in Staffordshire, the Tame Valley Wetlands is a wetlands of over 1,000 hectares based around the River Tame and home to a rich variety of species.

To preserve the landscape of the wetlands and to encourage people to connect with the natural world, the TVWLPS was formed – a scheme made up of 23 local and national organisations including the RSPB, the Canal & River Trust, and three regional Wildlife Trusts (Birmingham & Black Country, Warwickshire, and Staffordshire).

Our Video

We were approached by the team at the Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership for the creation of a video showcasing the work (and its impact) the scheme has undertaken since its inception!

For this project there was a lot to show off, which is why our video (which you can watch above) is a long one by our standards with a runtime of just over seven minutes.

To help explain the work of the partnership scheme in a clear and concise manner, we believed that making our video interview-led was the right approach to take.

This is why we hear from a number of figures involved with the scheme in our effort, such as TVWLPS manager Tim Haselden, TVW Youth Engagement Officer Nicola Lynes, and Andrew Crawford from the Environment Agency.

Through their thoughts and the use of on-screen text, our video highlights the positive impact the scheme has had – such as the creation of over 15,000 face-to-face experiences, 2km of watercourse being re-naturalised or enhanced, and the improvement of 5km worth of footpath for walkers.

Topped off with some images of the beautiful wetlands landscape and background music, our effort was just the thing to highlight the good work the partnership scheme has undertaken!

For more information on the Tame Valley Wetlands visit its website here.

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