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International Student Recruitment Videos

We teamed up with the International Office of our local higher education provider for some student recruitment videos aimed at a global audience!


It is no secret that in recent years universities have begun to put into place initiatives designed to attract students from overseas and persuade them to consider moving to the UK for the next step on their education journey.

This emphasis on looking globally is particularly the case for the University of Wolverhampton, which boasts an International Office at its City Campus – the department of the institution responsible for its overall international strategy including recruitment, student exchanges, and international visits/events.

To get students from around the world excited about studying at the institution we were approached by the team in the International Office to create a series of videos designed to do just that!


For this project, we knew that one video was never going to be enough, so we created six efforts about six international students enjoying life at the University.

In the selected three videos you can watch above, we hear from Maria, Sohaib, and Wai about why they chose the University of Wolverhampton, and how they have found the institution and the city itself since moving there.

Our videos were a combination of talking heads and cutaway shots, with each effort equipped with background music.

Alongside these six videos, we also created some 30 second versions which the University could utilise on its social media platforms.

Two of those videos – where we hear from students Maria and Hamlet – can be seen below!

You can find out more about studying at the University of Wolverhampton here.


Like our student recruitment videos for this project, and think your institution could do with some of its own to showcase what it can offer to international students?

If so, we know we can help, so why don’t you drop us a line today either below or via our Contact page?

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