Who are the best animation companies in Staffordshire?

Each year at Stone’s Throw Media we meet with over 100 organisations all over the West Midlands areas about their animation requirements. Even a quick glance at our website will give you a glimpse inside our thoughts and feelings on all things video production, animation and live streaming. We’re often asked who are some of the other animation companies in Staffordshire. 

We pride ourselves on our honesty, even when it comes to competitors. We want our customers to have as much knowledge as possible. We are never ones to shy away from competition! 

Here is a list of some of the animation companies in the Staffordshire area that have a solid history. 

1. Tentacle Media

In the centre of Stafford, Tentacle Media has a stellar list of clients, including CBeebies and the Co-Operative. They work with a range of clients to put across complex messages in a simple way. 

2. Inspired Film and Video

Located in Stoke-on-Trent, Inspired offers a number of animation services including 3D animation and stop motion. 

3. InLife

InLife provides services such as graphic overlays and fully animated videos with characters. 

4. Carse and Waterman Productions

With a great list of clients including the NHS and Michelin, Carse and Waterman have a portfolio with a variety of animation services. 

There you have it, four animation companies in Staffordshire to consider if you’re getting quotes for your video production project.

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