My Favourite Project (Oli)


Welcome to the sixth instalment of our ‘My Favourite Project’ series of blog posts!

We love every client we work with and every project we tackle here at Stone’s Throw, but for our team there are usually one or two projects which stand out above the rest as personal favourites.

In this series, we’ll be asking each member of Team STM to share with you their favourite project to date, and reveal why it’s their Number One.

This time around we’re hearing from our Organiser, Oli!

Who was our client for this project?

For this project we teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton and its Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing for an animation regarding one of its courses.

The course is the Master of Public Health (MPH) award – an internationally recognised qualification in Public Health which can be taken at the University as a Distance Learning programme.

Could you tell us about the client’s initial brief for this one?

The initial brief for this project tasked us with not only promoting the course itself but to also really stress how it could be taken by overseas “off-campus” students via the Distance Learning route.

To achieve these goals we decided that a motion graphics animation was the right way to go!

What part did you play in tackling this brief, and how did you go about it?

I’m the organiser here at Stone’s Throw, which means that even if I’m not actively part in the making of the video I’m always involved in its creation – if that makes sense!

For this particular project I was the first point of contact with our client who was Dr Ranjit Khutan – a Principal Lecturer at the University and the Head of its Public Health department.

I helped my colleagues in our animation team to ensure that the entire process ran smoothly and that any issues or problems were ironed out straight away to leave them to focus on working their magic!

Why do you think that this one is your favourite project so far?

I think this one is my favourite for two reasons – the idea and the details!

Firstly, I really love the idea the guys came up with which drives the narrative.

I think the little worlds linked together is a really strong way to showcase the journey those studying on the course via the Distance Learning route undertake, and I love how that message comes across really clearly to the viewer.

Secondly, this one is crammed full of little details which are easy to miss but are a testament to the effort our animation team put into this one!

For example, I really like the little character guiding the plane in at the 0:50 mark, the planets moving in the background at various points, and how all the characters are still moving on their individual worlds at the video’s conclusion.


So that’s my favourite project! If you want to find out more about our work with the University of Wolverhampton on this one, we penned a portfolio piece on this one which you can read right here!

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