Personalised Video vs Traditional Videos; Which is best for Video Marketing?


First things first, what is meant by a traditional video?

We don’t mean grainy home video footage. Traditional videos can be anything up to and including case studies, testimonials, business fly throughs, promotional videos and beyond. 

Traditional videos are a large part of video marketing strategies. 

These videos can be watched and understood by any viewer. They are generic in the sense that they are accessible to all. 

Here’s an example of a traditional video used for video marketing. 


Very much what it sounds like! Personalised videos are designed exclusively for the viewer. It might include an element like their name, for example.

If they’re a student, it may include the course they’re going to be on. If it’s a business, personalised elements may include the business name, job titles or the company logo. 

Here’s a behind the scenes video showing the work that went into a Tesco personalised video campaign.

We can generate literally thousands of videos with each one completely unique to the viewer.

Here’s an example of a personalised video used for video marketing.

Personalised Video for video marketing
Personalised video marketing campaign for University of Wolverhampton


The main benefit of traditional videos is that they will last for quite a long time.

You could have a case study or a fly through type video, and that might still be relevant years down the line.

As mentioned earlier on, they’ll also be relevant and accessible for a number of different audiences, not just one specific person or type of audience. With video marketing, traditional videos mean your organisation can be seen by a wider audience. 


Personalised video really cuts through the noise. It can be a full length, engaging video that gives the appearance of being made specially for the viewer. 

Oftentimes when you have generic videos and campaigns, it can be harder to get people’s attention because the content can be quite similar. 

With a personalised video, it catches people’s attention because it’s especially for them.

They’re far more likely to watch the video from start to finish.

Furthermore, personalising an offer increases the click-through rate by 202%!


The one downside to personalised videos is that they have quite a short life span.

Once you’ve done this campaign, it becomes irrelevant as soon as that particular campaign ends.


What do we think is best? 

Well, it totally depends on where you are with your campaigns and where you are with your video marketing.

Any good business or organisation with solid marketing will have traditional video as a foundation.

If you have an important campaign, it is worth going that extra mile and spending the extra money to engage, get people over the line and generate extra interest in your organisation.

So it all depends on where you are in that journey, but as a minimum, you want to start with traditional videos.

From there, you can start to get a bit more adventurous with your personalised videos later on.

If you’ve got any questions about personalised videos, videos in general, or you just fancy a chat, let us know and drop us a line today! 

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