5 Brilliant Product Demo Videos That Will Make Your Product Shine

Are you looking to create a product demo video that stands out from the crowd? 

Do you want to showcase your product’s unique features and benefits in a way that captures your audience’s attention and imagination? 

Is increasing sales numbers something you’re interested in?

Look no further! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 5 brilliant product demo videos that will give you plenty of ideas to make your product shine. 

From clever animations to stunning visuals and engaging storytelling, these videos are sure to inspire and entertain you, the whole time providing great insights for creating your own product demo video. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 brilliant product demo videos (in our opinion!)


The whole Nespresso brand image is based around being effortlessly cool. Think about George Clooney in his suit making a coffee after his probably really expensive dinner. 

Their product demo videos not only show you the simplicity of the coffee machine, they also tell you a story. 

Chilled jazz music, fancy kitchen and posh coffee; drink Nespresso and you’ll instantly be far cooler. 


Sony’s idea is to put you in the mind of the person wearing the headphones and let you know how their product *feels*. 

We’ve all been on a horrible tube or train, where you just want to switch off and go into your own little world. Well, with the push of a button on these headphones, you can be! 

Suddenly your whole perception of the tube will change and because you’re now listening to some funky music rather than a man screaming at a window, the lights and jostling people will look like the most fun rave you’ve ever been to.

By knowing that the modern young person will be travelling around on public transport a lot, pain points are also recognised, for example the fact that you won’t miss any announcements on platform changes for your train because of an outside microphone feature. 

Getting to know your customer inside out is the key to a good product demo video. 

Lego Life

Lego Life is a child safe social network hosted by Lego, for users to share ideas and connect with each other. 

A simple and colourful product demo video that captures the attention of their target audience (mainly children) and doesn’t keep them for longer than they need to be there.

All Lego needed to do was convince kids to bug their parents enough to download the app for them, which worked! They have around 9 million users around the world. 

Google Translate

Using a blend of whiteboard animation and motion graphics, Google Translate taps into the pain point of users; having to leave the app to translate something and then coming back over and over. 

With the new tap to translate feature available on Google smartphones, you don’t have to go through that long drawn out process. 

The simple animation remains true to the simple process and explains why the new feature is a benefit to the user. 


Whoever made this product demo video is probably really good at their job. 

The TyTek trauma bag is designed for incidents at large scale events, so they needed to demonstrate the features of the bag and try to demonstrate it in action.

Now, incidents at large scale events aren’t the easiest to recreate, so using simple motion graphics demonstrates using the trauma kit perfectly well.

Instead of a simple, bland image on your website, imagine how much the extra investment in product demo videos can increase the interest in your product and ultimately sales too! In fact, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to make a purchase based on a video.

If you want to get the ball rolling on your own product demo video, or simply have any questions about them, get in touch today!

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