The difference between voiceover and overlaying clips on an interview!

When we produce a video for our client we either use a professional voiceover to drive the video, whether that’s on actual footage or part of an animation video. 

When we are looking for direction from our clients some people have a clear vision and refer to the interviews as a voiceover. 

In videos such as our case study videos we like to have a few interviews that carry the video then we put relevant cutaways on top that are then able to hide any cuts, so that the speaker is as fluent and coherent as they can be. 

What is a voiceover?

A voiceover is something that we have a professional artist record that reads your script in a specific way that suits the tone of the video

What is voice driven video?

Most of our videos depending on the style are most likely voice driven by an interview that we filmed on location. So this is when you’ve seen a clip of a person being interviewed and then for the remainder of their interview there are cutaways overlayed. 

Why is it essential to know the difference?

It is important to know the difference between these two styles because when it comes to the planning stage of your project, we need to ensure we both understand what the end product is. If the video team went out and filmed cutaways and no interviews because a client said they wanted a voiceover on their video, but in fact meant they wanted you to interview their MD on site and put loads of cutaways on top. It is important everyone is clear when it comes to the planning of the video so we know what you want to achieve with your end product. 

In conclusion

It is important to communicate between ourselves and our customers as to what it is exactly they want from their video to ensure it is the ideal product for them. If you have any more questions get in touch!

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