Why You Should Make a Short Version of Your Video!

In case you weren’t already aware, making a short version of your shiny new video is like spending a hot summer’s day lying on a sunlounger listening to Stevie Wonder and sipping a nice cold beverage – a thoroughly good idea.

But what exactly do we mean by “short”? After all, what may seem “short” to some may seem like a perfectly adequate length to others (make your own jokes there).


Well, the videos we make for our clients vary in length based on the amount of information they need to convey – one of our Health & Safety videos clocks in at almost 11 minutes long, for example.

We know that that isn’t a particularly useful answer, however, so we put our heads together and worked out that the vast majority of our videos are roughly two minutes long.

From those main videos, we then make short versions which usually fall within the 10-30 seconds range. Yup, they really are that short!


The reason why we think short versions of videos is so important can be summed up in two words – “social media”.

On the social media platforms which your company really should be on, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, instant interest and engagement is king.

Uploading your main video to these platforms isn’t necessarily wrong, but a much better idea would be to upload the shorter version to grab people’s attention straight away.

After all, according to some brainiacs who presumably don’t get out much, on average 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after its first 30 seconds has elapsed.

Meanwhile, 100% of viewers will stop watching a video immediately if Oli is in it (“Patrick is this right?” – Matt).


Grabbing your audience’s attention through a short video provides more benefits than just “getting noticed”.

Using it as a “teaser” for the main video will enable you to direct more visitors to your website or specialist landing page (great for remarketing!), whilst making it a “tip video” to give relevant information away will undoubtedly increase your “know, like, and trust” rating (which is really important!)

Finally, don’t forget those engagement rates!

Did you know that adding video to a company update on LinkedIn increases the chances of it being shared by 75%?

It’s great that potential customers notice you, but so much better if they engage with you.


That’s enough words! For more on this topic join Matt in the video above!

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