Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video
Centre Tank Services
Our Brief

We teamed up with a leading trade supplier of storage tank equipment for an animated explainer video all about one of its most popular products!

For this assignment our client was Centre Tank Services (CTS) - an industrial equipment supplier based in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

CTS has provided fuel dispensing, storage tank, and lubrication equipment to trade companies since 1987 - with the organisation’s 30+ years of experience seeing it become a trusted supplier in its field.

One of the products Centre Tank Services offers to its clients is the CTS Fuel Recirculation Unit - a commodity designed to prevent diesel fuel inside a storage tank from getting stagnant.

We were approached by the marketing team at CTS for an animation detailing what the Unit is, what it does, and why it does it!

Our Video

For this project our animation team knew that there was a lot of information to convey to the viewer, which is why they opted for an effort containing a voice-over from a professional voice-over artist and motion graphics - two elements which always help to get a message across!

As you can see above, our animation doesn’t just describe what the CTS Fuel Recirculation Unit does, but explains why it is the perfect solution for those with tanks where the fuel inside them is not circulated frequently.

By explaining these benefits clearly and in a visually stimulating manner, we think this one was the perfect thing for the company to use as part of its promotional efforts for this product!

Our thanks to the team at CTS for working with us on this project. To find out more about the company visit its website here

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