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Great Ideas Poster Animation
CrossCountry Trains
Our Brief

We teamed up with one of the largest train operating companies in the country for a poster animation all about great ideas!

Owned by Arriva UK Trains Ltd - the company that oversees all of the Arriva-owned train operating companies in the United Kingdom – CrossCountry is one of the most recognisable transport companies around today.

Based in Birmingham, CrossCountry operates medium and long-distance services across the nation (including the UK's longest direct rail service from Aberdeen, Scotland, to Penzance, Cornwall) with all of its routes calling at or terminating at the city’s New Street Station.

Great Ideas Poster Animation

CrossCountry got in touch with us with an intriguing proposal – a poster animation designed to highlight a scheme the company was running internally.

The initiative, titled “Great Ideas”, provided an opportunity for CrossCountry employees to put forward any ideas they might have for the benefit of the company by uploading them onto a page on its internal “intranet” system.

Our video – which you can see above – is a 35 second poster animation, utilising assets provided to our animator by the company.

Our aim for the animation was to take CrossCountry’s existing poster and create a short, snappy video off the back of it designed to promote the company’s “Great Ideas” scheme as effectively as possible.

With a combination of vivid colours, motion graphics, and a jaunty piece of music, we think we did just that – and we hope you’ll think so too! For more on CrossCountry, visit its website at: Cross Country Trains

Like our video, and feel like a poster animation of your own would be the perfect way to highlight a project, scheme, or initiative that your company is running?

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