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Indigo Products
Our Brief

We were approached by the team at a fabricators based just outside Walsall for an animated explainer video all for the benefit of its customers!

The largest manufacturer of UPVC windows in the Midlands, Indigo Products has been providing retailers with products from its purpose-built facility since its formation in 1985.

Alongside windows, the company also offers doors and conservatories which help retailers turn their client’s houses into homes.

When the team at Indigo decided to revamp the company’s website, they contacted us to see if we could help them with a headache they were wanting to tackle – how to guide their customers through the ordering process on the new site.

Our Video

We knew we could help Indigo with this quandary, so we got our animation team on the case for an animated explainer video with a difference!

For this brief, we believed that our animation should be not only informative to the customer, but also friendly and informal.

To help achieve this aim, we used Indigo’s company logo to create a character called “Indi” – a walking, talking guide for the customer!

As you can see in our video above, “Indi” takes the viewer through the ordering process step-by-step in a cordial and informative manner – with screenshots of the new Indigo website and background music helping him on his way!

Crammed with the required information every Indigo customer needs to fulfil their orders with the company, we think this animation was just the thing to help the organisation tackle the problem at hand.


We were particularly thrilled that our client agreed with our thoughts above, with Andrew Nicholas, Customer Systems Manager at Indigo Products, describing our effort as being “priceless” for the company’s future endeavours.

Does your organisation have an issue which can be successfully tackled by an animated explainer video?

If so, we know that we can help!

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