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Health & Wellbeing Animation
Redrow Homes
Our Brief

We joined forces with Redrow Homes for an internal animation all about its endeavours in the field of health and wellbeing!

The health and wellbeing of their employees and sub-contractors is of huge importance and it is with this commitment in mind that in 2018, the company located 15 health kiosks at each of its regional divisions and on selected sites, along with a supporting tailor-made lifestyle questionnaire.

The campaign focused on gaining a whole picture of physical health and emotional wellness, with data collected on areas such as sleep, smoking, nutrition, alcohol, chronic health, as well as health metrics such as heart age, blood pressure, BMI, and body fat.

A fantastic engagement rate from the kiosk campaign helped the company focus on the right areas of support, create a bespoke calendar of health and wellbeing events which included providing educational information, employee engagement activities and support designed to further assist its people lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our Video

When the team at Redrow wanted help promoting this calendar to its internal audience, they turned to us for assistance!

For this project, we created the motion graphics animation which you can watch above.

Our animation touches on the varied elements Redrow’s wellbeing calendar of events provides for its employees such as…

● Getting active through its gym discounts or upcoming “cycle to work” scheme

● Supporting financial wellbeing by offering a wide range of employee discounts

● Encouraging those giving up or to continue on their non-smoking journey

● Improving mental health and improving resilience

…amongst others, and uses a professional voice-over artist and engaging background music to highlight these elements to maximum effect.


Our animation was met with a positive response from our client, with Holly Jones, Wellbeing Advisor at Redrow, saying:

‘With such a diverse workforce here at Redrow, we were looking for a really unique way to launch our new Health and Wellbeing calendar to our employees.

‘The team at Stone’s Throw were able to bring my ideas to life and help us convey the exact message we were looking for.’

Are you looking for a video production company to produce an internal animation highlighting schemes your organisation offers to its employees?

If so, you can see how we can help!

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