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Supplier Accreditation Process
Healthcare Gateway
Our Brief

We joined forces with an interoperability specialist for a motion graphics animation all about its innovative software!

The company Healthcare Gateway is the sole provider of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) - a unique piece of software which connects 180 health and social care organisations across the UK, allowing them to share 30 million patient records in the process.

The MIG is widely recognised as the national healthcare interoperability solution, and provides healthcare professionals with instant access to real-time information about a patient – enabling faster and more effective care.

We were approached by the team at Healthcare Gateway to create a video for them explaining what the MIG is, how it works, and the benefits it can provide healthcare professionals.

Supplier Accreditation Process

We passed this project over to our animation team and tasked them with creating a motion graphics animation in order to tackle this brief.

Our one minute effort (which you can watch above) might be short in length but certainly isn’t short in information!

After describing what the MIG is and the benefits of it, the animation goes on to explain how interested organisations will need to become its accredited partner in order to connect their systems to it – a process that is both straightforward and free.

Topped and tailed with jaunty background music and a professional voice-over, our animation was just what Healthcare Gateway were looking for - with it described by marketing manager Chris Hedges as being “very valuable” for the company.

For more on Healthcare Gateway and the MIG, visit the company’s website.

Enjoyed our motion graphics animation, and think your business or organisation could use one of its own to explain a product or service?

If so, we know that we can help!

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