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We teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton once more for an animation regarding their burgeoning international presence.

In recent years, the University has made great strides in broadening its reach – not just across the West Midlands region, but across the globe, too.

At the time of writing, the University has had a presence in:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Caribbean

and has also opened its facilities here in the UK to travelling Omani business students too.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the University picking up several awards for their efforts.

In 2014 they won The Guardian Newspaper’s “Best International Project” at the University Awards, an accolade which was soon followed by the Praxis Unico Award for the “Best Collaborative International Project”.

That’s worth shouting about, which is why the University contacted us to ask if we could create an animation for them highlighting their work and their achievements.

In our video – which you can see above – we took time to focus on each leg of the University’s global journey, and the work it undertook on each continent.

In Kazakhstan, the University assisted organisations with getting their ideas off the ground, guiding them through the developmental and commercialisation stages.

In Nigeria, a team from the University collaborated with the University of Maiduguri, to establish the nation’s very first “Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development”.

In the Dominican Republic, the University’s team has been utilising its experience in running knowledge transfer initiatives to bring business and education together in the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo.

We created two versions of this video for the project.

Alongside the version shown above, we also created a second effort which used an Arabic voice-over, alongside English subtitles, for its intended use of being presented to delegates from the Middle East region.

With an emphasis on its strong record concerning industry and business, our video helped to highlight why the University of Wolverhampton is the right choice for any overseas organisation looking to grow their regional economy.

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