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2018 Awards Highlights
Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub
Our Brief

We were approached by an apprenticeship hub for an event highlights video of the 2018 instalment of its annual awards night!

The Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub is an initiative designed to provide a co-ordinated approach to the development and delivery of apprenticeships across the county.

Formed through a partnership of several local organisations, the Hub supports both the young people of the region looking for apprenticeships or traineeships, and any employers based in the county looking to hire apprentices to help them grow their businesses.

Our Video

For this commission, we were asked by the team at the Hub to produce an event highlights video of its most exciting night of 2018 - its Apprenticeship Awards evening hosted by BAFTA nominated TV presenter Angellica Bell!

For this project, we felt it was really important that our highlights video had a celebratory feel to it to appropriately reflect the nature of the evening.

As the night itself was of a fast paced and energetic nature, so too is our video!

As you can see above, we managed to capture this vibrancy with a mix of fast paced shots and short time lapses backed by an upbeat and positive music track.

We also decided to include some soundbites from the evening into our video to give it a more personal feel - such as the awarding of the prestigious ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award to Bethany Clayton.

For a full list of the winners on the night - and more information on the awards themselves - please click here.

Our thanks to the team at the Hub for asking us to attend and capture on film this fantastic event!

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