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Since our establishment, we have collaborated with numerous organisations in Staffordshire, including:

Briggs Equipment
Cannock Chase District Council
Chase Grammar School
East Staffordshire Council
Keele University
Redrow Homes
South Staffordshire Council
Staffordshire University
University of Wolverhampton (Stafford)

In our professional journey, we have had the privilege of partnering with numerous organisations based in Staffordshire. Through these fruitful collaborations, we have leveraged an extensive range of techniques at our disposal to create captivating videos. From personalized videos to breathtaking aerial shots, from animated infographics to dynamic motion graphics, we have explored diverse avenues to bring our clients’ visions to life. Our repertoire is ever-expanding, always pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. See here for a full list of the types of video production services we have offered across Staffordshire.

Furthermore, our work has taken us to remarkable locations scattered across the picturesque landscape of Staffordshire. From enchanting natural settings to iconic landmarks, we have had the opportunity to capture stunning footage that adds depth and visual allure to our video productions. These remarkable filming locations serve as a testament to the rich diversity and beauty that Staffordshire has to offer.

As we continue to forge ahead, we eagerly anticipate discovering new techniques, exploring unseen locales, and collaborating with even more organizations in Staffordshire. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, as we strive to create compelling videos that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impact on both our clients and their audiences.

When carrying out video production in Staffordshire, we have filmed at some notable locations including…

Burton Albion FC
Burton on Trent
Cannock Chase
Drayton Manor
Hednesford Town FC
Middleton Lakes
Stoke On Trent
Weston Park


As an organisation offering video production in Staffordshire, we strive to provide high-quality, creative and inspiring video. Our team of experienced, qualified, and approachable professionals specialises in creating remarkable case study videos, captivating motion graphic animations, engaging corporate live streams, and much more. We utilise industry-leading software and state-of-the-art technology to deliver productions of the highest quality.

Our primary focus is on crafting outstanding videos that are anything but ordinary. We strive to keep things simple, inject an element of fun, and steer clear of anything that could be deemed boring.

We are not simply “yes men” or “yes women.” Our commitment lies in understanding and fulfilling your genuine needs, rather than merely giving in to your wants and desires.

Our in-house team embodies a friendly and approachable approach. We are real people who value open communication, and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

The success of our customers is at the core of what drives us. We don’t just pay lip service to their achievements; we actively measure and celebrate their success.

We firmly believe that our values set us apart as a leading provider of video production in Staffordshire (if we may say so ourselves!). These values guide our every action and decision, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results and maintain our reputation.


Experience the process of video production in Staffordshire with Stone’s Throw Media by watching the captivating video below.




Would you like a specific type of video for your project? Our video production services encompass a wide array of options, such as animation, live streams, and more. Each type of video production addresses specific challenges and provides exclusive advantages. For example, animation excels at illustrating intricate ideas, whereas filming is ideal for capturing the essence of human presence.


After selecting the video type, take into account the preferred length. If your intention is to share it on your social media platforms (refer to this link as an example), it is vital to keep it brief. Were you aware that approximately one-third of viewers tend to discontinue watching a video after the initial 30 seconds? (AdAge)


What makes video production crucial for organisations? It aids in problem-solving. Your video production should serve a well-defined purpose and tackle a specific challenge that you have identified and strive to overcome.


Familiarising yourself with your organisation’s self-perception and its established tone of voice is likely. It holds great importance that your video production mirrors this distinct identity. Successful communication with your intended audience hinges on speaking their language and embracing an appropriate tone.


Taking your budget into consideration is a crucial aspect throughout the video production journey. When searching for video production in Staffordshire, you will notice significant variations in pricing. At Stone’s Throw, we accommodate various budget levels, ensuring that all our video productions provide exceptional value for money. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain a realistic approach when selecting the type of video you wish to create. Remember, videos are only deemed “expensive” if they fail to deliver desired results. We have a well-established history of achieving impactful outcomes. See info on our pricing here.


Identifying your target audience and determining the most effective type of video content to engage them is paramount. In the case of a niche market, customising your video to align with their specific preferences becomes crucial. By understanding the needs and preferences of your target audience, we guarantee that your video will effectively serve your organisation’s goals.


When searching for video production in Staffordshire, it’s worth considering if there are any existing videos that inspire you and that you would like your own video to draw inspiration from. Analysing videos you admire can provide valuable insights into their structure, flow, and problem-solving approaches, which you can incorporate into your own video.

Remember that video content holds immense power in today’s digital landscape, with the consumption of videos continuously increasing. According to a survey, video emerged as a popular marketing tool among 86% of marketing professionals. Furthermore, 78% of these marketers affirmed that videos have directly contributed to boosting their business sales. Harnessing the potential of video can have a significant impact on the success of your organisation.

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