McAuliffe Case Study Video

Case Study Video
Our Brief

McAuliffe wanted a case study video to document their work on a site in West Brom in the West Midlands.

We would visit the site seven times and capture a combination of aerial footage, ground footage, interviews and photos. After each visit we needed to create a small edit to show the progress.

We visited the midlands-based site in August, September, October and November of 2021, following up with visits in January, June and September 2022.

The case study video that McAuliffe wanted to create would detail their progress on a brownfield site in West Brom.

Founded in 1970, McAuliffe has established itself as a leading remediation and enabling works contractor for UK housebuilders, developers, and main contractors.

Our Video

Services that McAuliffe offers include enabling works and remediation for brownfield sites.

In this case study video, we needed to document the work that McAuliffe had done on a brownfield site over a year long period.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the project involved visiting the site several times in order to record the progress best.

Enabling works allow for developers to come in and build on the formerly unusable ground, with clients of McAuliffe including Taylor Wimpey, HS2 and Bovis Homes.

It is important for McAuliffe to archive their projects with case study videos so that they are able to show potential clients the scale on which they’re able to work.

Case study videos also establish or further enforce an organisation's reputation, by allowing everyone to see their work in context. A long, text based case study describing how they had spent longer than a year digging up a brownfield site and levelling it out in preparation for developers coming in, with greatest respect, wouldn’t necessarily captivate an audience in the same way that a combination of cinematic drone footage, ground footage and photographs would.

Away from maintaining attention levels and making a project look fantastic, a case study video and photo assets will increase the SEO score of a web page and increase organic traffic.

The problem that McAuliffe was facing was that they needed to create a great case study video for a massive project, but would require a number of shoots.

The cause of the problem was that brownfield site projects aren’t an overnight job, with a huge amount of factors that can affect the project, the weather being one of them!

The impact of not having case study videos with drone footage is that, unless you have an incredibly tall audience, you’ll never be able to properly display the scale of the work you do.

McAuliffe had a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with the filming when they approached us, so for us it was a case of booking in filming dates provisionally. Weather can put work on a brownfield site to bed for a couple of weeks, so we needed to be flexible.

mcauliffe case study video

The case study video would be embedded onto the McAuliffe website along with their other case studies and records of their successful projects.

Tom, who led the project, said

“Working on this case study video was extremely interesting to follow, as we got to see this project from start to completion. Being able to fly the drone around the site to capture its progress allowed for the perfect perspective to see how the work is done and give an alternative view that wouldn't normally be seen”

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