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We can’t deny that here at Stone’s Throw, we’re quite a young team. In fact, in preparation for this blog post, I asked our youngest team member Oli if he could remember the following things…

1) Tony Blair as Prime Minister and George W Bush as US President

2) Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt in the 2006 World Cup Final

3) Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ being everywhere

…and he couldn’t recall any of them. Feeling old yet?

It’s not just Oli either. Maths isn’t our strongest suit, but a bit of arithmetic on some paper informs us that the average age of Team STM is roughly 27 years old. Blimey.

OK, so we’re a young team, but that doesn’t automatically make us ‘wet behind the ears’ and lacking in experience. 

In fact, our team have an impressive array of qualifications and past experience. Why don’t you humour us as we tell you all about them?!

(Don’t forget to click on each team member’s name to find out a bit more about them!)


Qualifications: MA Contemporary Media, Licensed CAA drone pilot

Job title: Chief Biscuit Dunker

Experience: As a co-founder of the business, it’s fair to say that Mike has a bit of experience at this “making videos” malarkey.

Nowadays, when he isn’t filming Mike spends a lot of his time being the company’s visionary – coming up with creative ideas for our clients which he knows will help them fulfil their briefs.

When he’s not doing that, he’s researching the next big things in the world of video and animation to help keep us “one step ahead of the game”, and imparting his wisdom down to the rest of our sensational video production team. Now that’s nice of him.

Qualifications: MA Contemporary Media, Goldman Sachs 10ksb alumni


Job title: President of Overthinking

Experience: Our other co-founder, Matt’s the man in charge of making everything run smoothly.

Matt’s built up years of experience of working with clients to make sure that they’re looked after throughout the “journey” from initial brief to completed video, as well as being the man who drives the company’s vision and values.

Making tough decisions and – and these are his words, not ours(!) – “keeping Mike in check” are also Matt’s game, as is always being on hand with a ‘Peep Show’ quote or two. HENMANIA!


Qualifications: BA (Hons) Video Production, Licensed CAA drone pilot

Job title: Video Guru

Experience: The man, the myth, the legend. Tom may be listed as being part of our video production team but we all know he’s so much more than that.

Trying to find something that Tom can’t do is like trying to make a horse sit down for a three-course meal – very difficult/bordering on the impossible.

Tom’s unique skill-set has seen him working with our clients for six years now, during which time he’s worked on a variety of projects ranging from filming at London Zoo to flying a drone a few metres away from a chimney tower being demolished. 

His skills in video production, editing, coding, problem solving, and literally everything else ensure that our standards are sky high in all aspects of the business!


Qualifications: BA (Hons) Animation

Job title: Professional Doodler

Experience: If you hop over to our Portfolio page there’s a strong chance that your eyes will soon settle on one of our animated efforts, and an even stronger chance that what you will be looking at is our Jamie’s work!

Like Tom, Jamie has been working with our clients for over six years now, and boasts a résumé many would be proud of.

Alongside his mad animation skills, Jamie has revolutionised the work experience and placement opportunities we’re proud to offer young people in the region – ensuring that those who come and learn with us have a great time doing so!


Qualifications: BA (Hons) Video Production

Job title: Video Vending Machine

Experience: Since joining our team in August 2017 (rhyme not intentional) Sarah has struck up a formidable partnership with her fellow camera operator and editor Tom.

Experienced in working with organisations across a variety of sectors, Sarah knows how to take a client’s list of problems that need to be solved and create a video which tackles them one-by-one – smashing the brief out of the park in the process. Now that’s a useful skill to have!


Qualifications: BA (Hons) Animation

Job title: Animation Assassin

Experience: She may be the newest member of our team at the time of writing, but Gurpreet has swiftly caught the rest of us up with her incredible animation skills and work ethic!

Gurpreet is an invaluable member of our animation team, and can turn her hand to pretty much any animation style our clients may wish to see in their video. We wish we were as talented as her!


Job title: The Organiser

Experience: Last but not least is our Organiser – the aforementioned Oli. He may be the youngling of the Stone’s Throw team, but he’s the man who co-ordinates every project so that communication between us and our client is constant and crystal clear. Three cheers for that!

So, that’s us. We may not be able to remember the Berlin Wall coming down, but we’re proud to possess a variety of talents which we pool together to make effective and engaging video and animation productions for our clients.

A young team we may be, but a good team we think we are – and we hope you agree!

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