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Christmas isn't Cancelled

We joined forces with a local care provider for a fundraising video designed to be the centrepiece of a very special campaign!


Previously known under the name Compton Hospice, today Compton Care is a Wolverhampton-based provider of palliative care for those in the local community living with complex and incurable conditions.

Compton Care is proud to offer all of its services free of charge to those who need them – services such as care in an individual’s home, support with the medical condition lymphoedema, and counselling and physiotherapy amongst others.

To do this however, Compton Care has to raise a certain amount of money every year, meaning that for the charity fundraising is of vital importance.

With this in mind, when Compton Care launched a new campaign for the 2018 Christmas period, we were on hand to create a fundraising video to help it make as big an impact as possible!


Entitled “Christmas isn’t Cancelled”, Compton’s campaign was centred around one theme – that life with an incurable illness doesn’t mean that the festivities at that time of year have to stop.

To highlight this theme, we created the video you can watch above with the assistance of the Compton team and some fantastic professional actors.

Our video was designed to be at the forefront of the campaign – with it being used by the charity on its website and social media channels at the time of the campaign’s launch – and concluded with how the viewer could help the organisation ‘keep Christmas extraordinary’.

Our sincere thanks to the team at Compton Care for allowing us to work with them on this video – it’s certainly on our list of favourite ever projects!

To find out more about the “Christmas isn’t cancelled” campaign and how you can help the charity, visit the webpage:


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